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Work Flow in Supply Chain

A group can be divided into separate functional areas, which provide the information to Supply Chain Management. The information comes mainly from logistics (warehousing, shipping and transportation) with sales, marketing, production, corporate, group costing and Finance contributing in the input of essential data.



Supply Chain Management

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In each functional area, four integration areas are considered in SCM:

Supply Chain Management

Tailored consulting services provided by IM&C in a SAP standard environment 

The use of SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) enables Clients to create an all-embracing concept to measure the success of their company when working alongside other firms in an international platform. It also enables to gain competitive advantage by building up experience and know-how, integrating best practices and conducting state-of-the-art business research.


Thanks to many years of consulting experience in the supply chain management field with particular focus on the  automotive and chemical/pharmaceutical industries, IM&C has become a recognized and valuable business partner for a number of global players.  IM&C’s experience in the areas of service parts management, global supply chain, controlling and manufacturing logistics is renown.





IM&C at the Swiss Supply Hubs 2014


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