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The effective management of data and of the information flow can become a very important factor in the success of a company.  Therefore, it is important for a software product to enhance its functionality in order to respond to the needs of the marketplace in such a competitive environment. Our solutions are aimed at making available the right information at the right time in the right place.

Informations Management & Consulting GmbH and Information Management & Consulting Ltd, short IM&C, act as consulting firms in the area of information technology. We understand the challenge of designing software products that fit in with our clients' infrastructure and meet corporate goals (competencies).

With our holistic approach and our consultancy work focusing on the optimization of business processes, we can take advantage on many years of experience in successful consultancy and development projects, particularly in the SAP environment (industries).

We support our customers in developing, improving and optimizing their IT-strategy by remaining consistent with their business strategy and goals, mainly based upon an already existing SAP environment. We aim at becoming key business partners and ensure that we deliver high quality products, and strive to be knowledgeable, committed and innovative.


IM&C specializes in providing consulting services to industrial groups with a worldwide production network. As a SAP spin-off we maintain excellent connections in the SAP world and constantly cooperate in strategic software developments.





IM&C is a company of the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region





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