Transfer Pricing

According to sources such as OECD the correct calculation and use of Transfer Price is significantly important for both taxpayers and tax authorities because of its impact on income and expenditure, as well as taxable profit of enterprises operating in different tax jurisdictions.

IM&C is able to provide its customers with a solution that relies on the ability to analyse transactional data, and compare results. By analysing all steps that result in the calculation of the transfer price, IM&C can identify and use information that reflect the status of the product at each stage of its life  without having to rely heavily on approximation and projection of results.

The GCP engine can represent a turning point in the transfer pricing strategy of IM&C’s Clients by allowing for reliable data analysis and simulations.

The result is that of a fair transfer price applied with minimum approximation, as well as of clear Tax compliance.
We can also provide the customer with monitoring, simulation and modelling capabilities in order to spot potential issues, display different scenarios or test the results of major organizational changes.



Simulation to play with different scenarios and see what the impact of each and every change at any step of the Supply Chain means to the end to end process.



Modelling capability to show how results can be impacted by major organizational changes (for example,  moving from distributed production to toll manufacturing).



Monitoring capability to avoid potential issues, such as non-compliance with tax rules at a particular step in the chain.


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Transfer Pricing






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