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Valuation Based Design of Global Value Chain

Fritz Wurm

Fritz Wurm
Managing Director

IM&C helps clients with deploying strategic changes as well as continuously improving their business by adopting modern management information and controlling systems. Thereby, IM&C supports clients during the analysis, design and implementation of integrated, standardized, adaptable, sustainable and holistic solutions.


Current trends like globalization require that the business and IT work together to deliver strategic changes in operations and processes. The name of our company represents our mission of keeping together data, people and processes by designing solutions that can help with integrating all these elements.


Collaboration and Global Footprint Design

We enable our Clients to integrate the Supply Chain at all levels within the group, and by including external suppliers and end customers. As a result, our Clients become more competitive in their market. A new generation of software and integrated systems focusing on global planning, controlling and collaboration help to achieve ambitious globalization goals. At IM&C, we try to maintain relevant company data transparent by supporting global alignment and optimization towards a Global Footprint Design and a Tax Efficient Supply Chain Management.


Mapping Global Supply and Value Chain at Corporate Level

With our approach of integrated corporate planning, we combine modern concepts of logistics and costs planning, where the starting point for all planning and simulation exercises are  materials and production data rather than financials, and where financial items are consistently derived to provide a reliable final view. We focus on “what if” scenarios which take into account elements such as strategic raw materials, exchange rates etc. to help enterprises with avoiding unnecessary risks.


We optimize the systems architecture by using state-of-the-art financial and BI systems and integrate them with our own tools as well as with our customers’ applications, always considering the cost-benefit aspects.




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