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As IM&C often supports manufacturing companies, production controlling is of great importance to us.

Some members of our IM&C team contributed in the development of SAP-solutions in the areas of product costing. Outside of the manufacturing sector, IM&C has enabled the calculation of cost estimate per item, integrated it into the product earnings statement and organized a reporting system that includes variance analysis against performance targets. The IM&C team is highly experienced and helps with choosing the right valuation method based upon specific production types (bulk production with cost collector, serial production, assemble-to-order production, single-item production with follow-up costs etc.) and upon the configuration of the CO (controlling) module.

Typical examples of the considerable difference that the implementation of the SAP Material Ledger or of GCP can make are those related to the resolution of the issues represented by the variances that derive from the fact that at month end prices are generally calculated on a monthly average. Standard ERP systems do not have the ability to track back to where the production order was originated (roll up of costs) and with the value of stock changing constantly can only rely on average values, which are generally inaccurate. Both SAP Material Ledger and GCP can calculate the price at month end by relying upon the ability to look back at the history of the material and therefore basing the price on moving average. IM&C participated in the development and shaping of the SAP Material Ledger, and supported numerous industrial clients in the implementation of parallel currency and valuation approaches.


Having built up vast experience in the deployment of the Material Ledger across industries, IM&C realized that in many cases it is impossible to deliver what the customers need, because it would be too complex to perform certain calculations within the ERP system (e.g. periodic valuation methods necessary to meet regulatory requirements in Brazil). As a result, IM&C has developed its own solution, the GCP Engine, which provides the advantage of being flexible and adaptable even within the most complex system architecture.




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