More than 20 years of Consulting in Information Management 

IM&C has long established itself as a brand. Its main focus is on integrated business process consulting with particular attention to supply chain and service parts management, supply chain controlling, integrated planning, profitability analysis, local and group controlling as well as business intelligence. The company was founded by Fritz Wurm in 1991, and competes successfully in the SAP environment for more than 20 years. Prior to founding IM&C, Mr. Wurm worked for SAP AG in different areas of the business (consulting, development, and training) gaining deep knowledge and expertise in the SAP area.

Mr. Wurm still maintains a strong link with SAP, and IM&C is recognized as a SAP Partner, as well as a member of the ECO Systems community worldwide. Mr. Wurm’s  work on the topic of  internationalization of SAP in logistics (e.g. end to end US tax regulation, indirect tax, Nelux tax, MRP, purchase account for Italy/France) contributed in the integration of  logistics with controlling and financial management.

IM&C is working alongside other consulting firms on a number of implementations, and plans to continue its expansion through partnership and acquisitions. IM&C is also ready to compete in a space such as Hana, which will have an enormous impact on future SAP landscapes. The GCP architecture and its data pull concept are a great match to Hana’s innovative approach, and we expect excellent opportunities for clients to take advantage on this combination.


International customers facing integration and consolidation challenges

During his time in SAP in the role of development manager, and later in his SAP internationalization role, Mr. Wurm worked on improving the ability for customers to analyze actual costing, and developed a custom solution for Bosch packaging machines in R/2. Having then moved on and founded IM&C, Mr. Wurm developed a group costing analysis solution aimed at providing the ability to eliminate intercompany profit at the appropriate step of the process. Following up on this experience, the foundation for the creation of a solution such as GCP (Group Costing & Profitability) Engine was laid, and GCP was built as a standard solution based on SAP. At first, however, it was a custom solution based on R/2 which was updated in cooperation with SAP AG to be able to run in R/3. The result of this collaboration was SAP’s material ledger solution in R/3, which was based entirely on the previous R/2 concepts with the only exception of the way in which data were treated (pull in R/2, push in R/3 ML). This difference has a substantial impact on the ability of clients to use the functionality of the material ledger in its entirety when the IT landscape is diverse and complex. The pull concept proved to be more flexible and provided the ability to extend the functionality to non-SAP sites, as well any SAP site regardless of the version in use and of the number of instances.

The fact that the Group Costing & Profitability (GCP) Engine provides a functionality that gives the user the same benefits as the material ledger, but without the need for a common platform across the organization, established it as a leading edge product since 2004. The design of GCP was based upon the experience gained over decades by working at clients such as DuPont, ICI, Stihl, Nestle, Schlumberger, BVLGARI.

Today the core GCP solution is in use across the manufacturing industry and has become a key element of support in the close process.


Integrated Consulting in Supply Chain and Service Parts Management

Despite the given expertise in the development of SAP Standard Add-ons as well as customer-specific enhancements, IM&C still considers itself as a consulting firm.


Every development serves a business purpose which needs both, justify the development effort as well as to present a ROI to the customer. For this purpose, it is also about a maximum reuse of software used by customers, particularly including SAP software. Only with an integrated consulting approach, corresponding business and IT architecture concepts can be successfully implemented. In this context, excellent project experiences could be gained under the direction of Christian Decker (including Ford Motors and Daimler) in the areas of supply chain and service parts management for SAP introductions as well as for the implementation of additional modules.





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