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Which influence has globalization on corporate costing?

Globalization is accompanied by a continuously diminishing depth of added value, but an increasing number of persons involved in the creation of value. This refers both to new participants inside the corporation and to external participants that are e.g. specialized in refining processes. So the global view on costs becomes more and more important compared to the local view. When considering to relocate parts of the value chain to sites abroad, only the global view on comparative calculations is of interest.

Which system provides integrated supply chain forecast and deduced corporate earnings forecast?

The badly needed integration of supply chain forecast with deduced corporate earnings cannot be found on any SAP solution map. Because of the relocation of parts of the value chain into foreign countries, continuously increasing requirements to these processes demand a balanced global supply chain and earnings forecast, both in resource accounting [total account] in line with operative planning and in separate billing concerning intercompany profit rates and corporate contribution margin.
We – the team of IM&C – are working since for more than 20 years on systems for production and corporate controlling, current cost accounting and earnings statement as well as for supply chain and service parts management. For more than 10 years, IM&C is cooperating with SAP, for example in the field of (internal) transfer prices, corporate earnings forecast, group costing, material ledger and SPM. Result of this cooperation is the Group Costing and Profitability engine (GCP engine).

On what experiences IM&C calls in the field of logistics?

We have successfully implemented the complete logistics (program? ) in several discrete parts manufacturing companies and subsequently supported the international rollout as well as the continuous business improvement. We elaborated also a tracking concept using Web AS for the after sales service. Furthermore we call on a wide experience with the configurator and its integration.

On what experiences IM&C calls in planning and managing a corporation?

An article published in "Controlling” describes integrated group planning and controlling as well as it gazes globally at all plants of a corporation. Enhanced IT support has long entered the supply chain, but referring to the value chain IT support is still in its infancy! Actually we are just making the first move: from individual enterprises to corporate treatment. But we already start making the next move into the calculation of networks, i. e. into the controlling of value chains which partially are located outside the corporation. Quite in terms of the assumption that in the future instead of individual enterprises it will be  successful value chains which compete against each other.  

How does IM&C represent its services with SAP products?

Our services cover the implementation of R/3 modules and components referring to supply chain and financial management. In addition to R/3 we emphasize on BW, SEM, SRM, and APO. However we focus primarily on effective business or planning processes.
During process implementation we attend to using the maximum standard range of functions. And when developing required add-ons, we pay attention to use standard modules and techniques. We like to apply generic methods and ABAP objects whose mastering in mySAP is a prerequisite. We are also familiar with the web application server as a development platform. By cooperating in strategic projects of SAP AG, IM&C is always  up to date.

My company forms part of an industry which is not mentioned under “Industries”

IM&C is challenged by comparing the different customizing settings of various industries as well as their commonalities. So we got to know process manufacturing in the mill industry (paper/steel), chemical and pharmaceutical industry, but we are also well versed in discrete batch production (clocks and automobiles) as well as in individual production (make-to-order and project-related production).

Which preconfigured solutions offers IM&C?

We offer an outstanding know-how and preconfigured solutions on the themes named below:
output costing, actual costing, corporate earnings statement, corporate earnings planning, transfer prices, costing engine, concurrent costing and group costing.  

Is there a tool existing for the calculation of consolidated, effective manufacturing costs?

IM&C has already developed a product fully integrated in SAP for the calculation of consolidated effective manufacturing costs: the GCP engine. It is applied globally at DuPont and forms a strategic part of the “monthly fast closing”.

What about the qualification of your consultants?

Our consultants come from famous consulting firms and are many years experienced in projects, not only limited to SAP. Our pronounced know-how of SAP application as well as SAP systems has made us a consulting partner of leading industrial concerns.




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