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  • Planning and Controlling Consolidated Earnings based on Consolidated Cost of Goods Manufactured (pdf, approx. 0.4 MB)

    [GCP - Article in the German professional journal "Controlling"] - F. Wurm, Engineering & Business graduate, Managing Director IM&C
    Original paper (translated), from: Controlling, issue 5, June 2005

    The groundbreaking approach of the system described - the GCP Engine - is rooted in the simplicity, clarity, and flexibility of the conceptual design.
    GCP provides new sights on data which can be supplied without collecting any more data. All data is needed for local purpose, too, and should be stored in the source system. Source systems are released of ballast and focus on their core function which ist to meet the requirements of local companies. Corporate tasks are switched to another system, a measure which can be extremely useful for the sake of compartmentalization, authorization, and audit. Furthermore, the corporation gains new transparency and better instruments for controlling its profitability.

  • Translated version of the interview "Don't just leave it to the accountants" (pdf, approx. 0.5 MB)

    [Article / Interview in the German professional journal E3] - Megatrends like globalization and collaboration are shifting their attention from performance and sustainability of individual companies to value chains. Despite the fact that it is already common practice for companies to consider customer and supplier integration, multinationals using a production network to manufacture their products often find it extremely difficult to show and analyze their intra-group quantity flows and value flows clearly. IM&C provides a remedy for this with a fully integrated SAP-based solution, the Group Costing & Profitability Engine, and was nominated by the jury of the state government of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, for an award in the "Hidden Champion" category during the Global Connect trade fair in Stuttgart.




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