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[Base Erosion and Profit Shifting article] - On 19 July 2013, OECD presented a 15 point plan to the G20 on BEPS. This article summarizes its key messages.
[Facts About GCP Engine presentation] - Reveals some difficulties the majority of the international companies face at the fields of group costing, supply chain, value chain and material ledger. The solution recommended by IM&C is the unique Group Costing and Profitability (GCP) Engine.
  • Service Parts Management (SPM) (pdf, approx. 0.7 MB)

    [SPM product flyer] - Shows the advantages of a well structured service parts management by using an example of automotive industry (Ford and its logistics partner Caterpillar)
    From the beginning of the project "SAP service parts management", IM&C is involved in business-related specifications and technical designs.

  • GCP Engine (pdf, approx. 2.6 MB)

    [GCP product flyer] - Illustrates clearly the range of application and benefits of the GCP engine for global creation of value. It covers the areas corporate profit margin costin in an international production network, forecast accuracy with GCP, and cross company cost allocation.

  • GCP Engine for Corporate Controlling (pdf, approx. 1.3 MB)

    [GCP product whitepaper / presentation] - Illustrates the tension between supply- and value chain and elaborates the difference between local and global cost component splitting.
    In conclusion the presentation shows that the components of GCP engine solve the problem and explains planning integration with GCP in SAP-world.

  • Planning and Controlling Consolidated Earnings based on Consolidated Cost of Goods Manufactured (pdf, approx. 0.4 MB)

    [GCP - Article in the German professional journal "Controlling"] - F. Wurm, Engineering & Business graduate, Managing Director IM&C
    Original paper (translated), from: Controlling, issue 5, June 2005

  • Presentation GCP Engine for Corporate Transfer Pricing (in German, pdf, approx. 0,4 MB)

    [GCP whitepaper / presentation for transfer pricing department] - Dr. M. Joswig, Business Manager/Partner Dr. Klein Dr. Mönstermann + Partner GmbH, Osnabrück
    F. Wurm, Engineering & Business graduate, Managing Director IM&C
    Presentation  for a customer (anonymized)

    This presentation shows the usage of GCP Engine for corporate transfer pricing. Legal basics as well as business benefits are summarized resulting from the usage of GCP Engine.

  • GCP Reporting Live-Demo slides (pdf, approx. 1.3 MB)

    [GCP whitepaper / presentation of reporting] - This presentation includes some of the GCP reporting functions. The advanced reporting is available with the component GCP Analytics. Make yourself a picture about the uniqueness of this solution.




IM&C at the Swiss Supply Hubs 2014


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